Obstacles currently holding them back from networking

Obstacles currently holding them back from networking

Obstacles currently holding them back from networking

Provide recommendations regarding how to improve their networking plan and overcome the obstacles currently holding them back from networking. Per their value proposition, why would they be a good person to have in your network? Additionally, make sure to send your peer a connection request using their LinkedIn URL.

Holding Me Back

Limiting My Network

I do limit my serious networking to those that I feel comfortable going (Marcus, 2018). I do not want to seem desperate to those I do not already have established relationships with.

Do Not Schedule Time to Network

I often do not go out of my routine work or social atmosphere to network (Marcus, 2018). When I was in college, I did take many opportunities to network, but I have since been negligent in doing so outside of work, social atmospheres, or social media.

Do Not Leverage Relationships

I enjoy meeting new people but often struggle to leverage the relationship into a meaningful and useful business relationship (Marcus, 2018). The relationship usually dissipates shortly after the meeting. Obstacles currently holding them back from networking

Value Proposition

My career goals are to move into a project management leader or managerial role within the next five years. My current position as an engineer has given me extensive experience in managing my projects. I can understand my project, create a timeline, plan for the project, and follow through with achieving the project goal. I have worked in many groups and have overseen others during manufacturing operations, which has given me the necessary teamwork and management skills for obtaining my desired positions. My technical background as an engineer will assist me with problem-solving, an essential skill for project management leaders and managers. These skills and experiences will allow me to connect with others that may desire to partner with my skillset.

Five Strategic Steps for My Networking Plan

Plan for networking time: I currently do not specifically take time to network. I only network when it is convenient for me. I will create time and opportunities to meet, network, and develop beneficial relationships.
Expand my potential network: I currently limit my network to those I regularly see. I want to progress into meeting new people, some of whom I may not have common traits or experiences with, to find those that I can develop mutually beneficial relationships.
Attend manufacturing, engineering, or technology-based conventions: Going to these conventions will allow me to meet others who work in similar career fields. I can meet those I can develop mutually beneficial relationships with to share ideas, advice, and potentially partner within the engineering spectrum.
Attend virtual career fairs through the University of Arizona Global Campus: I can meet and network those involved in the Business Administration field. Through this networking, I can develop relationships with others to provide beneficial partnerships or create administrative idea-sharing.
Follow through with connections: Once I have networked with others, I want to increase my ability to leverage those relationships into industrious relationships. I am currently skilled at meeting others but need to improve on turning networking into relationships. That starts with reaching out to my networks to offer and share ideas, thoughts, and advice to establish beneficial relationships that can progress into partnerships.
Linkedin Profile

https://www.linkedin.com/in/preston-trey-anderson-90543275/ (Links to an external site.)


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