Discussion: Patient’s wishes regarding death

Discussion: Patient’s wishes regarding death

Discussion: Patient’s wishes regarding death

Part of the nurse’s assessment when providing end of life care should include understanding the patient’s wishes regarding death (Grand Canyon University, 2012). Advance directives are instructions given by the patient in the event they can no longer make decisions for themselves, at which time a representative will be appointed to carry out the patient’s decisions. Many elderly people want to die in their home although barriers such as a fear of death, family burden, poor discharge planning, and the patient’s condition can hinder the ability to make this possible (Imperial College London, n.d. )When care is coordinated, effective communication takes place, and the patient is supported by family and health care providers it is possible to make this last wish a reality. The nurse should document patient’s wishes as soon as possible to ensure a strong support system and early recognition of the need of end of life services. This will allow the coordination of services quickly and effectively.


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