Discussion: Mental health for services

Discussion: Mental health for services

Discussion: Mental health for services

1. Describe town and take a mental health for services.

2. Are the various agencies (police, school, town hall-political figures)

a. Aware of mental health issues

b. Attempting to intervene — how?

c. Coordination of their effort with other agencies

d. How effective is their effort? Based on what evidence.
3. What are the positive resources of the town in terms of mental health?
4. What else can be done based on your readings? Cite 3 journal articles.
5. How will you bring about the changes you propose? :

“Use templates presented in class”.
6. Evaluate your program — How? What are you looking for?
7, Write it up in a 6 page paper designing, implementing, and evaluating a mental
health program based on the needs of the area you researched.

issue and evaluate the level & need
Focus on New jersey generally and the town (woodbridge) aseptically.

My subject is about elderly nursing home

I visited St. Joseph’s senior home in Woodbridge NJ http://stjosephseniorhome.com/ .

It is the only home center in the town, the oldest residents is in age 107 and the youngest is 65. They provided a good atmosphere, the food not bad, it cooked in the kitchen. It is homemade food. She is the only social worker in the agency because any agency has to have one social worker for 111 residents and the St. Joseph’s senior home has 107 residents. Most of the residents has dementia.95% of retardants had dementia. Other had other psychiatric problem but most of them had dementia.51 in the nursing home and 56 in assisting living in the St. Joseph senior home. So the total for all residents in the agency is 107 residents. The agency run by the sisters, Private home by them. The funding from the privet buy residents for the room. For the first 2 years and then they Medicaid. Most of the residents Medicaid because the keep them for many years. The most health problem they suffer is psychical problem. It deadpanning on resident’s condition. The most mantel problem is dementia because their age (+80). The services depends on individual paces or in group different, memory game or puzzle to keep them think. Some of residents needs to read newspaper, they provide that to them every day. the activates are very generalist because they do some cooking , baking …etc. she thinks she doing and provide good service because they got all attention from the sisters, 2 sisters live there , they very kind , their family are great , they coming , visiting , they had good report with the families





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