Autonomy to make decisions Discussion

Autonomy to make decisions Discussion

Autonomy to make decisions Discussion

BUSI 642 – D02 Fall 2020

Donavan Snovel

Liberty University

Dr. Steven Cates

October 28, 2020

RE: Do you believe that managers should give more autonomy to make decisions such as hiring, appraising, and compensating subordinates, or do you think that managers should be given less autonomy to make such decisions? Explain and substantiate your reasoning.


In many settings, the business\’s ideal of autonomy has been part of a debate in some fashion for years. Moreover, in the current industry evolving structure, the need for independence amongst the managers with numerous decisions is apparent with the uncertainty of \”normal\” operations. Autonomy is a two-way street. As managers, there are freedoms for the members to make decisions and grant them freedom without continuous over watch of every activity. With this wide variance comes measuring factors and goals with gradable events within the organization standards (Mautz, 2019).


Furthermore, the text depicts a similar description of autonomy as the amount of variance the organization provides the member to complete the duties and responsibilities per the organization\’s operational guidelines (Gerhart, Hollenbeck, Noe, & Wright, 2020). As in Philippians 2:13, \”For it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure\” English Standard Version (ESV). Some of the aspects attributed to autonomy in the workplace are longevity and job satisfaction. The organization saves some money since the members enjoy the organization, leading to increased mental and physical health. These all have a relationship with members retention and growing talent pools and productivity to include innovation. The most significant reflection is the organizations\’ response towards its future endeavors (Schwantes, 2019).

Managers Role

As a mid-level manager or critical member of the operational and organizational change, influencing all job requirement levels only allows more fluid actions across the position\’s action. In many settings, the manager is the only one who understands the group members of which they govern, thus allowing them the necessary guidance to provide the organization better the insight which requires to continue to flourish. As in Psalm 32:8, \”I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you\” (ESV). This information is critical at all levels for the appropriate effectiveness and efficiency within the organization. However, in other research, the caveat restricting managers in creditable decision-making to advance without senior management variance. It has a lasting effect on a negative nature, especially in situations that jobs require immediate decisions. It creates a possible atmosphere of mistake and second-guessing and subordinates losing faith in the manager\’s ability to make a sound decision, which sends a message that leadership does not trust the managers, and neither will the members. The necessary need to implement Lean within the organization structure is relative to the organization as to the manager\’s core to provide vital influence to effect the immediate decision and change with lasting results (Dellve, Fallman, & Jutengren, 2019). Autonomy to make decisions Discussion

Trust is necessary for the success of the organization. Moreover, another research depicts a need for autonomy among manager core to provide essential and useful feedback on the organization\’s members. Thus, the effects are lasting; they may lead to promotions or rewards within the organization and have an adverse side that leans towards loss of retention in severe cases that warrant drastic changes. Allow in nearly all situations that managers have the autonomy there is the consideration for standardization across many of the process to include guideline and procedures to conduct almost all events to keep the fairness and a system of checks and balances reducing the favoritism and unjust exercising of authority (Bonet, Eriksson, & Ortega, 2019).

Importance of Autonomy

The idea of a more formal system for members to understand and guide them allows them to have a sense of structure within the workplace to include will enable them to serve with purpose. In instances where managers have more freedom, they often have less stressor upon them, knowing that fewer micromanagers influence the everyday schedule. It allows the members to engage more freely, understanding the manager in there to protect and guide, leading to trust between managers and employees. A relaxed atmosphere in the current strategic planning to include models leads to many benefits that previous organization structure may not have understood from a more rigid structure. In more situations, these lead to many workplace motivations from members and managers working together physically or remotely to achieve the organizational goal. As in Jeremiah 29:11, \”For I know the plans for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope\” (ESV). The managers often better understand the member and hold them accountable in return. The members are more productive, engaging, and team-oriented to include the feeling to accept changes in critical situations. Thus, improving the work-life balance of all the members to include managers (Harriss, 2019).


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